World of Warcraft will have a global PvP

World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, which will be released on August 14, there will be bounty hunters and new rules for battles between players.

World of Warcraft has constantly changed, relying on global game trends, but trying not to change himself and Blizzard’s policies. Probably, that’s why in 2018 we continue to talk about one of the oldest, but still popular MMORPGs.

Suppose that the essence of success in a team of artists and scriptwriters, who managed to create a convincing world with no less convincing characters before the general fashion for a dark fentazi.

And over some plot twists of dramatic history, many schoolchildren who had enough skills for the campaigns of the original series of strategies were crying.

And no matter how hard his managers and programmers raped, but still in projects of any quality, if only connected with Azeroth, there will be enough souls for the players to consume Warcraft.épendance-07-02

In the dense years of the founding of the game, the key idea was one – the union several times repulsed the invasion of demons and successfully collapsed into the Horde and the Alliance, causing a real world war, albeit a slow one. Players a few addons cheerfully rushed through the mountains and steppes, destroying all counter-people, ambushed and raided the capital.

Okay, this was not everywhere. Developers from the very beginning have entered division into PvP and PvE servers. On the second type of servers, players could not be afraid of sudden attacks by the enemy faction in neutral territories, quietly mastering the best PvE content in the game.


But not so long PvP remained at a primitive level. Blizzard understood and tried to fix the weak side of the game. If you say that it is not weak, then it is very quickly obsolete.

Slightly tightening the schedule, adding PvP-zones and slightly improving the battlefields, the development team moved to another task: we must return the game to the origins of the confrontation between the two factions, because the writers said this, after plotting the final victory over the demons and the people’s liberation campaign to the lands undead. (It sounds like the outfit of a stupid book of a second-rate storyteller).

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