My Little Pony – Perhaps this is what the world needs

My Little Pony

The last few days are not very favorable, I wanted to raise my spirits, somebody advised me and I decided to watch. What is surprising My Little Pony pleasantly surprised me, made me laugh and convinced that the world is not so bad.

From the first seconds in the eye rushes incredibly high-quality animation with the elaboration of even the smallest and minor details (which by the way will be very occasionally delivered). The world of Equestria is very colorful, beautiful and prescribed … From the same first seconds the series begins to acquaint you with the mythology of its universe. Suddenly. They have their own mythology. Their world has a personal history.

The history of the written one wants to be noticed at the proper level. And this leads us to the next plus – the plot. Each series is filled with humor, but it does not include any silly or vulgar jokes, which is very pleasing. Even in spite of the fact that the children’s show is interesting to watch and I often worried about the heroes. The characters are carefully designed, each has its own unique character, fascinates and makes you love.

And the most transparent, in contrast to many modern games at, “My Little Pony” bears moral and even adults have something to learn for themselves. I’m in love with this TV series. He is fascinating and I would recommend it for viewing at any age.

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