Ghost Recon Wildlands Game Review

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon: Wildlands allows you to plunge into the world of combating the drug cart without risk to health. Almost like in the recent movie Sicario, the main characters at have to eliminate the head of the criminal syndicate and his assistants. Only where the director Denis Villeneuve has a drama, injustice and horrific inhumanity, in Ghost Recon explosions, pursuit of “Lamborghini” off-road and emergency evacuation by helicopter from a hot spot. In a word, everything is as usual.

Where the action unfolds Ghost Recon: Wildlands?

Bolivia, our days. The boss of the local drug cartel by means of blackmail, murder and bribery actually seizes power in the country. The US special services send a detachment of special purpose to the region, which must establish contact with the resistance and in any way rid the country of the new dictator.

What do you need from the player?

Just so kill the Dreamer, the head of the cartel of Santa Blanca, you can not. First you need to eliminate his assistants and small bipods, who are engaged in the protection, distribution and creation of drugs.

In practice, this means that all 30-40 hours of passage the player is busy in that he systematically performs almost identical missions to eliminate people, although slightly related to drug trafficking.

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