Arcade Games at PuppoRu

Arcade Games at PuppoRuArcade games are online entertainment with a simple gameplay, intuitive controls, short levels and increasing complexity from level to level. On the site the game continues until the main character remains alive. Typically, the main goal of the game is to pass the levels for a certain period of time, set the maximum number of points or collect all the bonuses at the level.

The game process in these toys, as a rule, can not be stopped, that is, we can not go somewhere in a secluded place and rest, we constantly have to move around the level. The name of the game arcade genre was obtained from slot machines installed in public places (for example, automatic machines with pinball, virtual shooting gallery, etc.). In turn, arcade, in English, means – a passage or gallery of stores, where, as a rule, arcade slot machines are located.


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