Apple and IBM will turn the iPhone into a supercomputer

Apple and IBM

Apple and IBM announced their intention to develop machine learning technologies as part of a joint project to improve the Core ML framework. About this on Tuesday, March 20, reports TechCrunch. The combination of efforts will help companies to more thoroughly advance in the development of artificial intelligence and use the results obtained to create “smart” applications for the iPhone.

The project of “smart” applications involves the creation of professional software that can help people of various professions. The activities of IBM and Apple have already become interested in Bing and Coca-Cola, whose employees will participate in testing the application for diagnosing commercial vehicles. Thanks to deep integration with AI such programs will be able to independently identify faulty parts and, if necessary, order a replacement.

The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that the process of object recognition takes place on the device itself without communication with external servers. In many respects this became possible thanks to IBM Watson supercomputer identification technologies, which will transfer the existing knowledge to the Core ML framework. In fact, it will allow you to perform tasks that only a supercomputer can handle today on the iPhone.

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