Terraria Online Walkthrough

Play Terraria Online game http://friv2.racing/terraria-online.html

In this video, you can see the gameplay of Terraria game, to understand how to play it, learn some secrets or simply relax. Enjoy this!

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Apple and IBM will turn the iPhone into a supercomputer

Apple and IBM

Apple and IBM announced their intention to develop machine learning technologies as part of a joint project to improve the Core ML framework. About this on Tuesday, March 20, reports TechCrunch. The combination of efforts will help companies to more thoroughly advance in the development of artificial intelligence and use the results obtained to create “smart” applications for the iPhone.

The project of “smart” applications involves the creation of professional software that can help people of various professions. The activities of IBM and Apple have already become interested in Bing and Coca-Cola, whose employees will participate in testing the application for diagnosing commercial vehicles. Thanks to deep integration with AI such programs will be able to independently identify faulty parts and, if necessary, order a replacement.

The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that the process of object recognition takes place on the device itself without communication with external servers. In many respects this became possible thanks to IBM Watson supercomputer identification technologies, which will transfer the existing knowledge to the Core ML framework. In fact, it will allow you to perform tasks that only a supercomputer can handle today on the iPhone.

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New game from the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds author

New game from the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds authorThe ideologist of the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game Brendan Greene disclosed information about his new game. According to him, he will do something original. What he wants to play with pleasure.

This information became known from a new interview in the September issue of the magazine Game Informer. Brendan Green said that the next game in his track record will be a gratis onlinespiele survival simulator. But it will not be at all like existing popular games like DayZ. Brendan already has some original ideas, but he does not want to share them with the public and keep it a secret. However, he really wants the new game to become popular too.

In addition, from the interview it became known that the sequel Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds in the coming years should not wait. According to Green, this project will be maintained for a very long time following the example of the service. At best, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds will be supported until 2027 by various updates and additions.

The original idea of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds appeared as a modification for Arma 2, and then it was licensed in H1Z1. Only much later a full-fledged project appeared. Since then, many developers are trying to imitate the success of Green and are trying to create a popular clone of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, including making their games free. Despite all the efforts, it is the Green project that continues to beat the records.

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Teletubbies Boom Boom Dance Game for Kids

In this video, you can see the gameplay of Teletubbies Boom Boom Dance game, to understand how to play it, learn some secrets or simply relax. Enjoy this!

Play game http://friv2.racing/teletubbies-boom-boom-dance.html

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My Little Pony – Perhaps this is what the world needs

My Little Pony

The last few days are not very favorable, I wanted to raise my spirits, somebody advised me and I decided to watch. What is surprising My Little Pony pleasantly surprised me, made me laugh and convinced that the world is not so bad.

From the first seconds in the eye rushes incredibly high-quality animation with the elaboration of even the smallest and minor details (which by the way will be very occasionally delivered). The world of Equestria is very colorful, beautiful and prescribed … From the same first seconds the series begins to acquaint you with the mythology of its universe. Suddenly. They have their own mythology. Their world has a personal history.

The history of the written one wants to be noticed at the proper level. And this leads us to the next plus – the plot. Each series is filled with humor, but it does not include any silly or vulgar jokes, which is very pleasing. Even in spite of the fact that the children’s show is interesting to watch and I often worried about the heroes. The characters are carefully designed, each has its own unique character, fascinates and makes you love.

And the most transparent, in contrast to many modern games at http://littleponyjuegos.com/, “My Little Pony” bears moral and even adults have something to learn for themselves. I’m in love with this TV series. He is fascinating and I would recommend it for viewing at any age.

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Divine RPG Mod for Minecraft Game

Divine RPG Mod

Divine RPG Mod will bring into the Minecraft game a lot of new things: blocks, armor, weapons, tools, mobs, measurements and so on. Perhaps its advantages can be listed endlessly.

The main advantage of this mod is that it brings a lot of new dimensions into the game. In each of them, Minecraft players will be able to meet at http://juegos-de-minecraft.com/ with unique mods, generation, armor, weapons and so on. As for the character development system, it also underwent significant changes and became much more interesting. With the installation of the Divine RPG mod, it will be much harder to survive, but thanks to this the gameplay is even more exciting.

Features of the gameplay

Users will be able to organize their gameplay the way they want. For those who want to feel like a “fluff” and soar in the skies, an angelic armor was developed. Users who prefer to always be on guard and fence themselves off from the whole world can choose heavy Galite armor. Divine RPG Mod also diversifies the gameplay with a huge number of new enemies. To combat each of them will need to develop suitable tactics.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Game Review

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon: Wildlands allows you to plunge into the world of combating the drug cart without risk to health. Almost like in the recent movie Sicario, the main characters at http://friv2.racing/ have to eliminate the head of the criminal syndicate and his assistants. Only where the director Denis Villeneuve has a drama, injustice and horrific inhumanity, in Ghost Recon explosions, pursuit of “Lamborghini” off-road and emergency evacuation by helicopter from a hot spot. In a word, everything is as usual.

Where the action unfolds Ghost Recon: Wildlands?

Bolivia, our days. The boss of the local drug cartel by means of blackmail, murder and bribery actually seizes power in the country. The US special services send a detachment of special purpose to the region, which must establish contact with the resistance and in any way rid the country of the new dictator.

What do you need from the player?

Just so kill the Dreamer, the head of the cartel of Santa Blanca, you can not. First you need to eliminate his assistants and small bipods, who are engaged in the protection, distribution and creation of drugs.

In practice, this means that all 30-40 hours of passage the player is busy in that he systematically performs almost identical missions to eliminate people, although slightly related to drug trafficking.

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Manhunt Game – Disputes of Gamers

Manhunt Game

For people who have a difficult time in their lives, the Manhunt game will be a great entertainment, which causes a lot of controversy between spiele critics and gamers.

In the translation of “Manhunt” – “bounty hunting” or “hunting for a man”, that’s why it is considered that the game is suitable for people who want to remove stress, who have problems and troubles in their life. The criminal game was developed by the well-known company Rockstar Games. The genre of the “Manhunt” game can not be defined unequivocally, as it is replete with elements of psychological horror, stealth action and snuff. More information about this game you can find at http://puppospiele.de/.

Strangely enough, critics were very supportive of the game, but gamers on the contrary, rebelled against excessive cruelty and violence. “Manhunt” is banned in some countries of the world.

The essence of the game is not new, the main character is saved from the death penalty by the director, but does it not by the kindness of the soul, but in order to use it as an actor in his films, and according to the plot of the film the hero must take part in bloody events. For refusing to participate, the director is frightened by causing trouble to his family. The main character has to destroy the bandits, to deliver silent deadly blows and to execute “executions”. The essence of the game – as long as possible to remain unnoticed. The creators of the game provided the opportunity to connect an optical microphone, so that a gamer could make sounds attracting “enemies.”

The “Manhunt” game is in the top 20 of the most popular games of the world, which, despite all prohibitions, speaks of the attractiveness of the game. In particular, this is facilitated by discussions in the worldwide network, and every day is gaining increasing popularity.

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Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4

Not having time to release the third part, the one that Nemesis, without waiting for the appearance on Dreamcast Resident Evil: Code Veronica, super-greedy, but still adored us company Capcom rushed to develop a fourth part of its endless horror. Of course, Shinji Mikami is also involved in the work, who probably knows the best about such games.

More about the game, in fact, nothing is known yet because of what many switched to simple online games from http://pitijuegos.com/ site. Well, except that it will appear, most likely on the PlayStation 2, but will show it to the public at the autumn Tokyo Game Show, which will be held in March this year. There, we’ll see what the game will be like and how much different it is from the Codex Veronica of Dreamkale.

No special news about the game Mortal Kombat Special Forces, no, but still it seems that with something so beloved in our people as a game series, like Mortal Kombat, something is going wrong.

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Arcade Games at PuppoRu

Arcade Games at PuppoRuArcade games are online entertainment with a simple gameplay, intuitive controls, short levels and increasing complexity from level to level. On the http://puppo.ru/ site the game continues until the main character remains alive. Typically, the main goal of the game is to pass the levels for a certain period of time, set the maximum number of points or collect all the bonuses at the level.

The game process in these toys, as a rule, can not be stopped, that is, we can not go somewhere in a secluded place and rest, we constantly have to move around the level. The name of the game arcade genre was obtained from slot machines installed in public places (for example, automatic machines with pinball, virtual shooting gallery, etc.). In turn, arcade, in English, means – a passage or gallery of stores, where, as a rule, arcade slot machines are located.


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